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Internships and Leadership Opportunities

This interactive database includes internships, fellowships, conferences, volunteer, and leadership opportunities at reproductive justice and other social justice organizations across the country. You can click on a region to see all the listings for that region or use the drop-down menus to search by location and type of opportunity.


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AIDS Partnership MichiganMidwest -- Volunteering/Internships
AIDS Partnership Michigan is the state's central resource for information and referral about HIV/AIDS and the largest service provider in Michigan. Their goal is to simplify client access to services, to expand the scope of these services and to develop new programs to meet the community's changing needs. They offer a variety of volunteer opportunities including hotline assistance, outreach, and fundraising.
Chicago Women's Health CenterMidwest -- Volunteering/Internships
(Health Care)
Chicago Women’s Health Center facilitates the empowerment of women and trans people by providing access to gynecological health care, alternative insemination, health education, and counseling services in a respectful environment where clients pay what they can afford. Volunteer tasks include performing administrative duties, organizing programs, and assisting with benefits.
Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health (ICAH)Midwest -- Volunteering/Internships
(Health Care)
In partnership with youth, ICAH advocates sound policies and practices that promote a positive approach to adolescent sexual health and parenting. They offer several volunteer and internship positions.
Iowa Women's Foundation (IWF)Midwest -- Volunteering/Internships
(Social Justice)
The mission of the Iowa Women's Foundation is to improve the lives of Iowa women and girls through the power of philanthropy, advocacy and collaboration.Since 1994, grants have been awarded annually to programs operating in nearly two-thirds of Iowa’s 99 counties in areas such as girls' enrichment, women & community building, and health. The IWF welcomes volunteers for many activites, including office support, marketing, special events planning, grant review and development.
Indiana Coalition Against Sexual Assault (INCASA)Midwest -- Volunteering/Internships
(Social Justice, Human Rights, Advocacy/ Activism)
INCASA views itself as an organization working towards the elimination of sexual assault at a statewide level. They accept volunteers and encourage people to become active in their own communities.
Native American Women's Health Education Resource CenterMidwest -- Volunteering/Internships
(Human Rights, Advocacy/ Activism)
This organization, based out of South Dakota, seeks to educate and advocate for Native Americans on issues such as drug addiction, domestic violence, reproductive health and rights, and environmental awareness. They accept college students as interns to help out at their domestic violence shelter, perform administrative duties, participate in outreach and education efforts, and work with youth.
Southwest Youth CollaborativeMidwest -- Volunteering/Internships
(Advocacy/ Activism, Peer Education)
This community organization works to build self-esteem, personal and social growth, cooperation, leadership, cross-cultural understanding, and community awareness. Their organizing efforts work to build youth and community power in decision-making processes affecting children, youth, and families of the greater Chicago area. They accept interns and volunteers to assist with outreach, programming, and organizing.
Latin American Educational Foundation ScholarshipMidwest -- Fellowships
The Latin American Educational Foundation works to provide access to higher education for Hispanics in Colorado. The goal of LAEF is to award funds to qualified students who have demonstrated a commitment to the Hispanic Community.
Arizona Sexual Assault NetworkSouthwest -- Volunteering/Internships
(Social Justice, Human Rights)
This organization identifies and addresses sexual violence issues through a collaborative statewide network, and welcomes the help of volunteers.
Lilith: A Fund for Reproductive EquitySouthwest -- Volunteering/Internships
(Reproductive Health, Health Care)
Based in Texas, Lilith offers volunteers a variety of positions and experience in helping all women access safe, free abortions.
New Mexico Religious Coalitition for Reproductive Choice (RCRC)Southwest -- Volunteering/Internships
(Reproductive Health)
RCRC is a national organization with several branches, focusing on religion and reproductive freedom-a great internship choice for those who want to learn more about the intersection of religion and choice. Volunteer applications are online.
New Mexico's Women Foundation (NMWF)Southwest -- Volunteering/Internships
(Human Rights)
Supporting programs that economically aid women and children, NMWF works hard in the rural areas of New Mexico to encourage the development of creative skills amongst women to aid their incomes and independence. Entirely volunteer run, it is always in need of enthusiastic help.
PreHab ArizonaSouthwest -- Volunteering/Internships
(Domestic Violence, Health Care)
Assisting women, children, and families who have experienced homelessness or domestic violence, this organization provides education, counseling, rehabilitation services, and foster care to those who are in need. They accept interns and volunteers and provide a variety of jobs to choose from.
Sojourner CenterSouthwest -- Volunteering/Internships
(Domestic Violence, Health Care)
This Arizona center aids in the empowerment of battered women, by providing them a safe space to live, counseling, childcare, and education. They accept volunteers to assist with a variety of tasks, from administrative to outreach and education programs.
WIMINSouthwest -- Volunteering/Internships
(Communications/Media, Advocacy/ Activism)
WIMIN, who organize WIMINfest every year in Albuquerque, NM, focuses on bringing quality women's culture events to New Mexico, including poetry, music, concerts, theatre, workshops, dances, art shows, and more! They take volunteers to help out with organizing their annual WIMINfest.
Women in Crisis, Inc.Southwest -- Volunteering/Internships
(Domestic Violence)
This shelter in Bartlesville, Oklahoma provides victims of domestic violence and sexual assault a safe space for recovery and counseling. They accept volunteers to help out with a variety of their programs, including the Kid's Group, the Crisis Line, and their legal advocacy group.
Access: Women's Health Rights CoalitionWest -- Volunteering/Internships
(Health Care)
Access offers unpaid volunteer and internship positions in California on tasks such as working on their hotline, providing direct assistance to women in need, and research and organizing.
Aradia Women's Health CenterWest -- Volunteering/Internships
(Health Care)
This Seattle-based center offers volunteer opportunities such as clinic assistance, community outreach, and administrative work.
Alaska Pro-Choice AllianceWest -- Volunteering/Internships
(Reproductive Health)
Offering pro-choice volunteer work, this organization gives young people the chance to educate and organize on a statewide level.
Bitch MagazineWest -- Volunteering/Internships
Bitch has three unpaid intern positions (editorial, promotions, and publishing), which they hire for on a rolling basis. To apply, send a resume and cover letter (with the specified intern position) to: Bitch Magazine, 1611 Telegraph Avenue, Suite 515, Oakland, CA 94612. If you're applying for the editorial position, also mail in several non-fiction essays that you've written.
California Family Health CouncilWest -- Volunteering/Internships
(Health Care)
This organization works to provide health care access to low-income families across California. The Council offers graduate students paid positions in family health care clinics in California, Hawaii, Arizona, and Nevada.
California Women's Law CenterWest -- Volunteering/Internships
(Legal, Advocacy/ Activism, Social Justice)
Through legal advocacy, this organization seeks to promote and protect the rights of women and girls. They accept volunteers for office assistance and interns to help with their grant applications and law advocacy projects.
Cedar River ClinicsWest -- Volunteering/Internships
(Reproductive Health, Health Care)
Based in Seattle, Washington, the Cedar Rivers Clinic offer abortions, free birth control, multilingual health care, and exams for women. They occasionally accept volunteers.
Center for Genetics and SocietyWest -- Volunteering/Internships
(Communications/Media, Health Care)
This California organization provides information on public affairs in relation to health issues and science. They have accepted interns in the past.
Children of Lesbians anf Gays Everywhere (COLAGE)West -- Volunteering/Internships
Based in San Francisco, COLAGE offers several volunteer and internship possibilities, with opportunities to work in the local community as well as reach out on a national level.
Idaho Women's NetworkWest -- Volunteering/Internships
(Human Rights, Advocacy/ Activism)
Aiming to unite the voices and interests of Idaho women and families, while promoting human rights, the Network needs volunteers to assist with advocacy and outreach support.
Law Students for ChoiceWest -- Volunteering/Internships
(Legal, Reproductive Health)
This organization works to educate current and future lawyers about reproductive freedom and choice. They create customized internship positions for law students looking for experience in the reproductive rights field.
MadCat Women's Film FestivalWest -- Volunteering/Internships
Mad Cat holds an international women's film festival every year in San Francisco and has volunteer and internship experiences that can offer college credit.
Muslim Women's LeagueWest -- Volunteering/Internships
(Social Justice)
Focusing on advancing the opinions and voices of Muslim women in the USA, the League relies solely on donations and volunteers, and has lots of opportunities to participate in events and organizing.
Mi Casa Resource Center for Women, Inc.West -- Volunteering/Internships
(Social Justice, Peer Education)
Founded as a center in Denver to support the education and employment of Latina women and to encourage children to stay in school, Mi Casa is always looking for volunteers.
Northwest Women's Law CenterWest -- Volunteering/Internships
(Legal, Social Justice)
Located in Seattle, WA, the Center provides assistance in advancing women's rights through legal advocacy. They accept volunteers, and have the volunteer application
Prison Activist Resource CenterWest -- Volunteering/Internships
(Human Rights)
This Oakland, California organization exposes and challenges racism within the criminal justice system and provides assistance to grassroots activists who are fighting the prison system. They have several groups that focus on getting battered women out of jail, advocating for imprisoned mothers, and more. Entirely run by volunteers, this organization is very open to new participants and takes interns to work on a variety of projects.
Seattle Young People's ProjectWest -- Volunteering/Internships
(Advocacy/ Activism, Social Justice)
This youth-led, adult-supported organization focuses on the wants and needs of young people ages 13-18, empowering them to express themselves and take action on issues they find important. Volunteers are often needed for fundraising, outreach, and organizing.
Step Up! Women's NetworkWest -- Volunteering/Internships
(Social Justice)
Focused on strengthening community resources for women and girls in the Los Angeles area, Step Up is always looking for volunteers and interns to assist with their various programs. Bilingual volunteers preferred.
Utah Progressive NetworkWest -- Volunteering/Internships
(Reproductive Health, Human Rights, Legal)
UPNet is a network of activists working on issues pertaining to the environment, worker rights, reproductive freedom, corporate and government accountability, multiculturalism, civil liberties, or equal protection. They have several volunteer opportunities and are a great place to make connections with other organizations.
Women AliveWest -- Volunteering/Internships
This Los Angeles, California-based organization began in 1991 as a support group for HIV-positive women, but since then has branched out and now conducts research, produces educational materials, and works closely with other organizations to help prevent HIV infections and assist those who are already infected. They accept volunteers who are willing to help with organizing events, outreach, and administrative duties.
Western States Center's CSTI TrainingWest -- Conferences
(Social Justice)
CSTI (Community Strategic Training Initiative) is for leaders, staff, and volunteers who are working with issues of social justice to convene, learn, and educate one another about issues of social change. This summer (2005) CSTI will be held in Portland, Oregon, and includes a Women of Color gathering.
Young Women's Health ConferenceWest -- Conferences
(Health Care)
Drawing women from the Bay Area in California, this annual Spring conference focuses on addressing important health issues that affect young women, from diverse racial, ethnic, and economic perspectives.
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