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Internships and Leadership Opportunities

This interactive database includes internships, fellowships, conferences, volunteer, and leadership opportunities at reproductive justice and other social justice organizations across the country. You can click on a region to see all the listings for that region or use the drop-down menus to search by location and type of opportunity.


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Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID) Young Women and Leadership Advisory CommitteeInternational -- Leadership Opportunities
(Social Justice, International)
This international advisory committee consists of young women activists who support women's rights and social change. The committee acts as an advisory board for AWID and the work that they do with young women worldwide.
Zonta InternationalInternational -- Fellowships
(Advocacy/Activism, International)
Zonta International is a global organization of executives and professionals working together to advance the status of women worldwide through service and advocacy. They offer several grant and fellowship opportunities as financial aid sources for women all over the world.
ACLU Reproductive Freedom ProjectMid-Atlantic -- Volunteering/Internships
(Reproductive Health, Advocacy/ Activism, Legal)
This advocacy group focuses on providing legal assistance, education, and advocacy to protect those whose reproductive rights are being threatened. They offer legal internships at national and regional offices.
Advocates for YouthMid-Atlantic -- Volunteering/Internships
(Advocacy/ Activism)
Advocates for Youth is dedicated to creating programs and promoting policies that help young people make informed and responsible decisions about their sexual health. Advocates offers a limited number of paid or unpaid internships in Washington D.C.
Bust MagazineMid-Atlantic -- Volunteering/Internships
Bust is a feminist magazine "for women who have something to get off their chests." They offer internships in editorial, communications, media, and more at their New York City offices.
Center for Reproductive RightsMid-Atlantic -- Volunteering/Internships
(Legal, International)
The Center for Reproductive Rights uses the law to advance reproductive freedom as a fundamental human right that all governments are legally obligated to protect, respect, and fulfill. They offer legal internships at their New York City office.
Choice USAMid-Atlantic -- Volunteering/Internships
(Reproductive Health, Advocacy/ Activism)
Based in Washington, DC, Choice USA offers unpaid internship positions and volunteer work for their specific organizing campaigns.
The DoorMid-Atlantic -- Volunteering/Internships
(Health Care, Sex Education)
This New York City organization's mission is to empower young people to reach their potential by providing comprehensive youth development services in a diverse and caring environment. They offer several volunteer and internship positions.
Emily's ListMid-Atlantic -- Volunteering/Internships
(Legal, Advocacy/ Activism)
Emily's List works to promote progressive politics through electing Democratic women into government positions. They offer part-time and full-time paid internship positions in research, communications, organizing, politics, and more.
Equality NowMid-Atlantic -- Volunteering/Internships
(Human Rights, International, Social Justice)
This organization is an international human rights group that works with grassroots organizations worldwide to promote women's rights. Equality Now has research and campaign internships and media and outreach internships. Research and campaign interns generally conduct legal and fact-finding research and draft Women's Action and campaign correspondence as the work requires. Media and outreach interns help out with media outreach, including assisting with drafting columns for newspapers and targeting other local media outlets. Interns may also attend meetings at the United Nations and participate in other advocacy efforts to further Equality Now's work.
Family Equality CouncilMid-Atlantic -- Volunteering/Internships
(Peer Education)
Family Equality Council works to ensure equality for LGBT families by building community, changing hearts and minds, and advancing social justice for all families. Volunteer opportunities include office support, school advocacy, event assistance, and programming.
Feminist Majority FoundationMid-Atlantic -- Volunteering/Internships
(Social Justice)
Founded in 1987, The Feminist Majority Foundation is an organization dedicated to women's equality, reproductive health, and non-violence. In all spheres, FMF utilizes research and action to empower women economically, socially, and politically. Interns perform a wide variety of responsibilities, including monitoring press conferences and coalition meetings, researching information, attending rallies, and organizing events. Internships are available in their Washington, DC and Los Angeles offices.
Haven CoalitionMid-Atlantic -- Volunteering/Internships
(Reproductive Health, Health Care)
Haven Coalition is a network of volunteers who open their homes to low-income women forced to travel to New York City for abortion procedures. To host, you need to live in one of the 5 boroughs, a place a guest can sleep and the willingness to create the space in your life for this direct-action work. Patients need hosting Tuesday-Friday evenings.
Healthy Babies ProjectMid-Atlantic -- Volunteering/Internships
(Health Care)
Healthy Babies Project aims to expand the availability and accessibility of prenatal and basic health care services to high-risk, low-income pregnant women and their families during the important childbearing and early child raising years. This Washington D.C. organization welcomes volunteers as outreach coordination, childcare, cooks, and youth counselors.
International Women's Democracy CenterMid-Atlantic -- Volunteering/Internships
(Legal, Social Justice)
The International Women’s Democracy Center works to strengthen women’s global leadership through training, education, networking and research with a focus on increasing the participation of women leaders in politics, policy, and decision making within their own governments. IWDC offers several internship positions in events, development, communications, and public relations.
Sister Supporting SistersMid-Atlantic -- Volunteering/Internships
(Sex Education)
This Maryland-based organization provides support and mentorship to improve the lives of at-risk girls aged 12-17. SSS programs are offered in a variety of educational formats including After-School programs, Saturday Camps, and summer Camps. Volunteers are needed to help run after-school activities, as well as weekend and summer camps.
Sylvia Rivera Law ProjectMid-Atlantic -- Volunteering/Internships
(Human Rights, Legal, Advocacy/ Activism)
The Sylvia Rivera Law Project is a legal advocacy organization for people who are victims of gender discrimination, hate crimes, harassment, or violence based on their chosen gender identity. They accept undergraduate interns and graduate-level law students year-round to assist with their research, newsletter, and to work with legal issues surrounding homelessness, welfare, health insurance, prisoners, and more. Paid stipends are available.
Mary's CenterMid-Atlantic -- Volunteering/Internships
(Health Care)
Mary’s Center serves low-income, immigrant families whose linguistic and cultural needs would otherwise go unmet by public or private health care systems. They link families to community services, informing them about the educational, housing, and employment resources available to them. All their social and educational services are provided at no cost, and no one is turned away from their medical services for lack of payment. Many volunteer opportunities available.
Ms. MagazineMid-Atlantic -- Volunteering/Internships
Ms. is an award-winning magazine recognized nationally and internationally as a media expert on issues relating to women’s status, women's rights, and women's points of view. Ms. operations are located in the offices of the Feminist Majority Foundation in Los Angeles and Arlington, VA. Editorial, public relations, and publishing staff internships are offered.
NARAL Pro-Choice AmericaMid-Atlantic -- Volunteering/Internships
(Reproductive Health, Advocacy/ Activism)
NARAL Pro-Choice America is an organization that engages in political action to oppose restrictions on a woman's right to choose and expand access to abortion. They offer full and part-time paid and unpaid intern positions.
National Abortion Federation (NAF)Mid-Atlantic -- Volunteering/Internships
(Reproductive Health, Legal)
NAF is the professional association of USA abortion doctors and providers. NAF currently offers quality training and services to abortion providers and unbiased information and referral services to women. NAF seeks clinic defense, communications, public policy, and training and education interns.
National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum (NAPAWF)Mid-Atlantic -- Volunteering/Internships
(Social Justice, Women of Color)
NAPAWF aims to build an Asian and Pacific Islander women's movement in the U.S. that focuses on advancing social justice issues. They provide internship positions for undergraduate students and graduate law students.
National Coalition Against Domestic ViolenceMid-Atlantic -- Volunteering/Internships
(Domestic Violence, Legal)
NCADV is a national grassroots advocacy organization representing domestic violence victims, service providers, and state coalitions. NCADV develops public education materials, conducts media outreach, and is an active coalition partner with other organizations committed to ending domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and all forms of violence against women, as well as promoting women's rights. They offer legal and public policy internships in Washington D.C.
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF)Mid-Atlantic -- Volunteering/Internships
(LGBTQQI, Advocacy/ Activism)
The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force has worked to eliminate prejudice, violence and injustice against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people at the local, state and national level since its inception in 1973. As part of a broader social justice movement for freedom, justice and equality, the Task Force is creating a world that respects and celebrates the diversity of human expression and identity where all people may fully participate in society. The Task Force has graduate and undergraduate internships available each school session for college and university students or recent graduates covering a variety of disciplines. Internships are generally located in the Washington, D.C., office but a limited number of positions may be available at staff locations in Cambridge, Mass., New York, N.Y., and Los Angeles, Calf., depending on availability and applicant qualifications.
National Latina Institute for Reproductive Rights (NLIRH)Mid-Atlantic -- Volunteering/Internships
(Reproductive Health, Health Care)
The National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health is dedicated to ensuring the fundamental human right to reproductive health for Latinas, their families, and their communities through public education, policy advocacy, and community mobilization. They offer internship positions in New York City.
Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health (PRCH)Mid-Atlantic -- Volunteering/Internships
(Reproductive Health, Health Care)
Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health (PRCH) is a national network of pro-choice physicians who are committed to providing and advocating for the best possible care for patients. PRCH exists to ensure that all people have the knowledge, access to quality services, and freedom to make their own reproductive health decisions. PRCH offers internships for individuals interested in medical education, public policy, community organizing, and communications.
Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG)Mid-Atlantic -- Volunteering/Internships
PFLAG is a national organization that promotes the health and well-being of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons through support to cope with an adverse society, education to enlighten an ill-informed public, and advocacy to end discrimination and to secure equal civil rights. he PFLAG National Office has graduate and undergraduate full-time and part-time internships available each school semester, and summer, for college and university students or recent graduates. The program is largely based on the specific needs of the national office.
Planned ParenthoodMid-Atlantic -- Volunteering/Internships
(Reproductive Health, Health Care)
Planned Parenthood is the nation’s leading sexual and reproductive health care provider and advocate. On campuses and online, in statehouses and courts, in community settings, and in the media, Planned Parenthood is a visible and passionate advocate for policies that enable Americans to access comprehensive reproductive and sexual health care, education, and information. Planned Parenthood offers a wide variety of internship and volunteer opportunities.
The Rebecca Project for Human RightsMid-Atlantic -- Volunteering/Internships
(Advocacy/ Activism, Human Rights)
The Rebecca Project for Human Rights (RPHR) is a national legal and policy organization that advocates for public policy reform, justice and dignity for vulnerable families. They strives to reform child welfare, criminal justice, and substance abuse policies.
Sexuality Information Education Council of the United States (SIECUS)Mid-Atlantic -- Volunteering/Internships
(Sex Education, Reproductive Health, Communications/Media)
SIECUS was founded in 1964 to provide education and information about sexuality and sexual and reproductive health. They focuses on fighting censorship, promoting sex-education policies, and reproductive rights. Volunteer and internship positions are available at both their New York City and Washington D.C. offices.
The WISH (Women in the Senate and the House) ListMid-Atlantic -- Volunteering/Internships
(Reproductive Health, Legal)
The WISH List raises money to identify, train, support and elect more Republican women leaders to public office at all levels of government. WISH is America's largest fundraising network for pro-choice Republican women candidates. Based in Washington, D.C., The Wish List offers volunteer positions as well as part and full-time internships.
National Network of Abortion FundsMid-Atlantic -- Volunteering/Internships
(Reproductive Health, Advocacy/Activism)
The National Network of Abortion Funds is the only nationwide organization in the U.S. that combines a commitment to direct financial assistance to women and girls needing abortions with grassroots activism, national organizing, and reproductive rights policy work. The Network strengthens the capacity of their member Funds to provide direct financial assistance to women seeking abortions. They advocate on the national and state level for reproductive justice for poor women, women of color, and young women.
AIDS Partnership MichiganMidwest -- Volunteering/Internships
AIDS Partnership Michigan is the state's central resource for information and referral about HIV/AIDS and the largest service provider in Michigan. Their goal is to simplify client access to services, to expand the scope of these services and to develop new programs to meet the community's changing needs. They offer a variety of volunteer opportunities including hotline assistance, outreach, and fundraising.
Chicago Women's Health CenterMidwest -- Volunteering/Internships
(Health Care)
Chicago Women’s Health Center facilitates the empowerment of women and trans people by providing access to gynecological health care, alternative insemination, health education, and counseling services in a respectful environment where clients pay what they can afford. Volunteer tasks include performing administrative duties, organizing programs, and assisting with benefits.
Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health (ICAH)Midwest -- Volunteering/Internships
(Health Care)
In partnership with youth, ICAH advocates sound policies and practices that promote a positive approach to adolescent sexual health and parenting. They offer several volunteer and internship positions.
Iowa Women's Foundation (IWF)Midwest -- Volunteering/Internships
(Social Justice)
The mission of the Iowa Women's Foundation is to improve the lives of Iowa women and girls through the power of philanthropy, advocacy and collaboration.Since 1994, grants have been awarded annually to programs operating in nearly two-thirds of Iowa’s 99 counties in areas such as girls' enrichment, women & community building, and health. The IWF welcomes volunteers for many activites, including office support, marketing, special events planning, grant review and development.
Indiana Coalition Against Sexual Assault (INCASA)Midwest -- Volunteering/Internships
(Social Justice, Human Rights, Advocacy/ Activism)
INCASA views itself as an organization working towards the elimination of sexual assault at a statewide level. They accept volunteers and encourage people to become active in their own communities.
Native American Women's Health Education Resource CenterMidwest -- Volunteering/Internships
(Human Rights, Advocacy/ Activism)
This organization, based out of South Dakota, seeks to educate and advocate for Native Americans on issues such as drug addiction, domestic violence, reproductive health and rights, and environmental awareness. They accept college students as interns to help out at their domestic violence shelter, perform administrative duties, participate in outreach and education efforts, and work with youth.
Southwest Youth CollaborativeMidwest -- Volunteering/Internships
(Advocacy/ Activism, Peer Education)
This community organization works to build self-esteem, personal and social growth, cooperation, leadership, cross-cultural understanding, and community awareness. Their organizing efforts work to build youth and community power in decision-making processes affecting children, youth, and families of the greater Chicago area. They accept interns and volunteers to assist with outreach, programming, and organizing.
Latin American Educational Foundation ScholarshipMidwest -- Fellowships
The Latin American Educational Foundation works to provide access to higher education for Hispanics in Colorado. The goal of LAEF is to award funds to qualified students who have demonstrated a commitment to the Hispanic Community.
Our Bodies Ourselves (OBOS)New England -- Volunteering/Internships
(Health Care, International)
Also known as the Boston Women’s Health Book Collective (BWHBC),this organization is a nonprofit with public interest in women’s health education, advocacy, and consulting organization. Interns provide OBOS, a long-standing leader in the global women's health movement, with program work assistance as well as new and vital perspectives.
Caring UnlimitedNew England -- Volunteering/Internships
(Domestic Violence, Health Care)
The mission of Caring Unlimited is to work with the community to end domestic violence in York County. This includes providing support and safe haven to women, their children and men whose lives are affected by domestic abuse in a manner that honors their essential worth, nurtures their inherent strengths and respects their right of self-determination. The many volunteer opportunities available include working on the hotline, working with children, monitoring the court system and more.
National Network of Abortion FundsNew England -- Volunteering/Internships
(Reproductive Health)
NNAF is a network of over 100 grassroots groups in more than 40 states that help women pay for abortion services. Their website provides a list of local abortion Funds that accept volunteers.
Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (GLAD)New England -- Volunteering/Internships
GLAD is New England's leading legal rights organization dedicated to ending discrimination based on sexual orientation, HIV status and gender identity and expression. This group offers volunteer and internship positions.
Girls Inc. HolyokeNew England -- Volunteering/Internships
(Peer Education)
This Massachusetts organization provides girls ages 5-18 with engaging and educational youth development programs that are cutting edge, research driven and designed to meet the specific needs of girls. Volunteer positions are available for administrative support and mentor opportunities.
Maine Women's LobbyNew England -- Volunteering/Internships
(Human Rights, Advocacy/ Activism)
This non-profit organization's goal is to ensure that women and girls in Maine can lead healthy and productive lives free from violence and discrimination. Their mission is to use education, public policy development, and advocacy towards the core issues of economic security, health care and reproductive rights and reproductive rights.
My Sister's PlaceNew England -- Volunteering/Internships
(Domestic Violence)
My Sisters’ Place primarily serves women and children by providing housing, food, and other basic needs. Their facilities and services are located in Hartford’s north end and the majority of their residents are from the Greater Hartford area. They need volunteers to help with administrative duties, donations, childcare, and maintenance.
Outright VermontNew England -- Volunteering/Internships
This organization seeks to serve the needs of LGBTQ youth and provide a safe haven for them to challenge stereotypes, run programs, be part of a community, and become educated about politics and activism. They offer a variety of internship and volunteer opportunities.
Political Research AssociatesNew England -- Volunteering/Internships
(Social Justice, Advocacy/ Activism)
Political Research Associates is a progressive think tank devoted to supporting movements that are building a more just and inclusive democratic society. They expose movements, institutions, and ideologies that undermine human rights. They have several internship positions.
Rosie's PlaceNew England -- Volunteering/Internships
(Health Care)
Rosie’s Place, a sanctuary for poor and homeless women, offers emergency and long-term assistance to women who have nowhere else to turn. Rosie’s Place accepts no government funds, and relies instead on committed volunteers, interns, and private supporters to accomplish its work.
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