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Connecting the Dots: Immigrant Rights and Reproductive Justice

 "Immigrant rights and reproductive justice are intrinsically linked because the reproductive health of immigrant women is profoundly affected by immigration policy."--Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas & Aishia Glasford, National Latina Insititute for ... Read More

Imagining Reproductive Justice

Reproductive justice is not just about words on a piece of paper. It's about imagining and creating. Council is excited to introduce this new feature where we will explore the creative side of Reproductive Justice. In this issue, Adrian Cat?o (a friend of PEP), offers an illustrated commentary ... Read More

Reproductive INjustice: Immigration, Birthing, and the Prison System

In the fall of 2009, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio forced Alma Minerva Chacon, who was detained while 9 months pregnant, to give birth in shackles. At one point during her birth, a nurse ... Read More

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